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StarFest – Call for Volunteers!

The Desert Stars section needs your help as a volunteer for StarFest 2012.

Volunteers will help and assist in Star Fest activities and planning, including Hospitality, Concours, Driving Events, Registration, Rallye, Publicity and Sponsorship. Events will take place at the Biltmore Resort and the Firebird Raceway.  StarFest 2012 runs from Sept. 28th to Oct. 3rd.

An event of this magnitude always requires additional help for the hosting Section.  Hosting StarFest is a great honor for the Desert Stars section which is celebrating its 50th anniversary during Arizona’s Centennial anniversary. Being a volunteer is a great opportunity to meet and work with other section members and other MBCA members from all over the country. Volunteers will receive souvenier recognition gifts.

Some examples of volunteer roles needed are as follows:

  • Concours Judges
  • Track Corner Worker
  • Credential Checker at Activities
  • Registration Check-In
  • Hospitality Ministers
  • Concours Set-up Guides
  • Concours Administrative Assistants
  • General Aides/Runners
  • Hotel Communication Assistants
  • Hotel Guides

Please contact Debbie at if you would like to help and be sure to visit on the web. Also, check us out on Facebook and don’t forget to “Like” us.

Thank you,

Debbie Ichiyama


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